Why Green House?

For the past 8 years I had been a part of the corporate hustle and bustle in big metropolis like New York City and Washington, working for a large multinational food company managing over 350 people, 7 days a week..

I was ‘living to work’ and powered frantically through life, thinking that: climbing the corporate ladder, impressing my superiors or getting that hard-earned bonus through extra hours and effort was the way to go. But something was missing…

I felt disconnected, low on energy most of the time, experienced foggy brain, spotty memory and felt unfulfilled in many areas of my personal life.

Things catch up with you eventually in Life, and I sensed that all these feelings were quietly building up towards something bigger…

green house chef: Fred

In 2018 I got diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. A condition that in past years has spread increasingly and sneakily around the world. In fact, in 2017, it was recorded that 20% of the population in the UK received the same or similar mental health diagnosis.


That’s roughly 13 million people!

This realization that I was now in the category of ‘broken brains’ began an introspective healing journey towards a better understanding of who I am and what I needed to do to get better.

So, I looked at every aspect of my life under a magnifying glass and tried to find how I could change things around. I started dissecting daily habits and started changing them towards habits that fulfilled me vs drained me: Work, family, romance, food, sleep, spirituality, friends, hobbies, sports, etc…

After a while, having explored one by one the areas I needed to work on, I understood that all of them were important to analyse and invest in, but that none of these efforts could work if the basic fuel to get me there was not right... food!

I devoured books on nutrition, educated myself online, and started talking to nutritionists about the meaning and impact of food and its nutrients on the brain, our mood, our mind, our body. I learned concepts like neuroplasticity, free radicals and polyunsaturated fats and how directly these impact us mentally and physically. I learned that issues like anxiety and depression are not static conditions but that these can change drastically depending on how we choose to eat and live.

I hadn’t been eating quite right. My food intake was not appropriate to how I expected my brain, mind and body to perform.

What I believed was ‘good food’, actually wasn’t doing me much good at all. My unthoughtful diet was weighing on my performance and defining how I felt and how much I could achieve most of the time.

So I changed my food habits!

Paying attention to sugars, caffeine, refined oils, processed foods as well as making sure that I ate certain ingredients like nuts and olive oil regularly made such profound impact on the available power I had to make other changes in my life, that I wondered how I didn’t know about something as powerful as this before? I was now convinced that how I ate defined who I was.

Based in London, I searched for places in the city where I could conveniently eat food that wouldn’t have any unnecessary ingredients like preservatives, sugars or bad oils. The type of food I needed to made me feel at my best.

I realized that there were very few places 100% honest about their ingredients and none that focused on food as fuel to optimize brain power and personal performance.

But there should be, I thought!

So I decided to create ‘Green House’: a fully transparent food company focused on making real - nutrient-rich food with pronounceable ingredients, no shortcuts, no excuses, no BS. Food curated to fuel the brain, the mind and the body to ‘be the best you can be’ so you can tackle your own life’s challenges with a full charge.

It’s been an incredible endeavour so far, I’m excited to see as many people as possible join us in this journey and realise that there is no quick fix in life, but it all starts with nutritious food!


I would like to dedicate the opening of Green House to my mother, my sister, the Francois family, the Shmuck family, my American family, my better half and my Venezuelan family. Without all of them this company would not have existed. Without them I would not be who I am today.