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Real food, as it should be

Our daily diets are filled with preservatives, and modified foods with low nutritional value. At green house we focus on high quality, natural, nutrient rich ingredients, with no preservatives and no additives.

We make food from scratch, no shortcuts, no excuses!


A fully transparent food company focused on making real, nutrient-rich food, with pronounceable ingredients.

No shortcuts, no excuses.


GREEN HOUSE'S brain food proposition aims to improve mood, cognitive performance and ‘happier’ living by reducing brain inflammation, oxidative stress, and help promote neuroplasticity, creating food that helps you be at your best.

Eat right. Sleep Tight.

Do you toss and turn during the night? If so, this sleep promoting salad can help you catch up on some ZZZ’s.

Sleep Salad
green house sleep salad
green house sleep salad

What if food could make you happier?

As I began my search for a better life balance, I realized the impact good, real food had on me. It gave me the power to create meaningful changes that have made me better and happier. I decided to create Green House to share real, nutritious and beautiful food, designed for real people that want to live better and be better.

We believe dreams come true, but they are the result of hard work and that requires the right fuel for your brain, mind and body.

Our story

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